Open The Blast Doors
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About the Site

Classic clip from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977 George Lucas/Lucasfilm - © 2012 Walt Disney)

Rebels Animated Series & Rogue One (5-0 BBY)
It's no secret that Stormtroopers cant aim. They are rubbish. It's as if Emperor Palpatine constructed their blasters using a blue print of a fair ground gun designed to make you miss the coconut. As if some regressed memory of Palpatine's as a small boy, of him missing the toilet and spraying the seat and floor every time he went for a whizz, manifested itself through the dark side of The Force as he asserted his supreme will over his Galactic Empire. Who knows? But the fact remains, Stormtroopers can't aim. They are rubbish.

A New Hope (0 BBY)
So rubbish in fact, that in a narrow corridor, a row of trained Imperial Stormtroopers that fill its width, are unable to shoot even the closest of targets running in a straight line away from them. Not weaving. Not dodging. A straight line. They miss with every single shot. Every one. Trained Imperial Stormtroopers …

And then to make matters worse, they inadvertently lock themselves in allowing Han Solo and Chewbacca to escape. Amazing. Trained Stormtroopers.

The Open the Blast Doors scene is the quintessential scene to show the mandatory incompetence that all Imperial Stormtroopers possess. Or in other words, it's the scene that shows they are human.

The Empire Strikes Back (3 ABY)
Under every immaculately ominous Imperial Stormtrooper uniform, is a regular guy just doing his job. Just trying to earn some money to bring home to his family in a Galaxy short of work. They're not Jedi's. They're not super soldiers like the Clones. Most of them probably don’t even really want to be there. They are just normal people doing a job for money because they have to to survive. Normal bog standard blokes. Dads, brothers, sons, husbands, boyfriends, just trying to make some money to take home to their families.

Return Of The Jedi (4 ABY)
And as such, it stands to reason that they enjoy all the same things as normal people do. And in an overly corporate world, this concept is something I can very much empathise with. They are not the bad guys they are made out to be. They just need to make a living. They just want to go back home to their kids and family like the rest of us.

The Force Awakens (34 ABY)
It's amazing, it's been just over 30 years since I first saw the original Star Wars film that brought Stormtroopers to life, and now here I find myself enjoying using my kids toys, setting up scenes and empathising with these useless hapless henchmen. Who knows, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I may have been one of them myself.

Using my kids toys, a small table, some biscuit tins, and the camera on their iPad, we imagined what Stormtroopers might get up to when not being forced to chase Rebel Scum. Setting up the toys and taking the photos was, above all, great fun. That was the main purpose of doing this and of this website. Fun. But it was also a nice introduction to composing scenes for photography for my kids.

The Last Jedi (34-? ABY)
Spanning generations of cinema, video, toys, games, and of course, children's and adults imaginations alike, Star Wars really is the gift that keeps on giving. So huge thanks to George Lucas for not being afraid to share his imagination with the world. Hope you enjoy the site!

May The Fun Stay With You.